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Image by Elena Mozhvilo
Microbiome: Testimonials

Microbiome - your “internal universe”

Birth is a big day for the microbiome, opening the door to an opportunity which may reduce the likelihood of your child developing illnesses in later life.
You are never alone, when your body is home to trillions of bacteria who are paying rent to you as the landlord by helping to protect against intruders, providing power and keeping up morale! There is a close symbiotic relationship existing between your gut microbes and your survival.
Hosting your microbiome is like throwing a party, it’s all about being a good host! You invite a diverse balance of guests, provide a relaxing environment, offer good tasty food, and discourage gate crashers! 
Imagine, your body is hosting a private party of bacteria, fungi and other microbes called the microbiome. Unwanted microscopic guests may spoil the atmosphere, good food and communication will nurture the environment. There are colonies throughout your whole body creating an intricate and mutually beneficial relationship. You receive many benefits like, strong gut integrity, energy, protection against pathogens and good immune function. Findings from The Human Microbiome Project suggests that gut microbiota composition and the many enzymes produced by microbes influence digestion and health. Consequently, altered microbial composition, known as dysbiosis, can contribute to disease, very important for public health.

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